• Написана: 2012
  • Язык: en
  • Издательство: Gardners Books
  • Опубликовано: 2013

Be Young and Beyond

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Обзор книги "Be Young and Beyond Taichi Tzu PhD"

This book introduces PingLongevityTM, a complete program to help you live a more youthful, vibrant, and longer life. The goal is to age at half of the rate compared to those who live a conventional lifestyle and to dramatically increase your lifespan while looking and feeling decades younger than others in the same age group. Do these plans work? Why is there so much more obesity, diabetes, cancer and other degenerative diseases today? You may have tried these methods - or similar ones --one after the other. You may wonder why they don't work as claimed. You may wonder why even the promoters frequently fail to show personal results that validate their product claims. We have found that vibrant health is achievable only through a complete approach. Our decades of research and clinical applications on ourselves and many thousands of patients Have made is clear that you cannot expect to use a one-pill-fix-all method. In many cases, experts, although excellent in their own fields, give too much credit to a particular diet, exercise, pill, nutrient or method. The one-pill-fix-all approach plays well to consumer psychology in that we all want an easy fix-it-all elixir! The fact is that these miracle approaches rarely achieve the expected results. Our work is not another fashionable &quote;free lunch&quote; on longevity-hot for a couple of years, only to be proven ineffective. What we present is a true journey to vibrant health. PingLongevity is different, in the following aspects: It is a complete way of life, only through which you can achieve long-lasting vibrant health and longevity. There is no short cut. It combines thousands of years of Taoist longevity, based on the I-Ching energy cycle, five elements, yin-yang, Taoist alchemy and extensive scientific research. It peels to the very core and explains the things that really make a difference. It works not only on the physical, but also the energy level of our bodies. It deals with body, mind and spirit. It shows you the correct ways of diet, caloric restriction, hormone balance and exercise. It surveys up-to-date biomedical and medical advances in the anti-aging field. This book could have been several volumes, due to the breadth of the subjects covered. However, we attempted to give you a complete program all in one book in as concise a form as possible because missing even one piece of the full PingLongevity puzzle would not give you total health. Why the name PingLongevity? It comes from the Chinese word &quote;Ping,&quote; meaning peace, health and luck. The program is an advancement from our previous books, PingLongevity, and Asian Longevity Secrets, published nearly 10 years ago. We look at the book as a give-back to the society where we have been so fortunate to build our lives, careers, knowledge and spirituality. It's our desire to contribute to the happiness and vibrant health of millions of people. This book is dedicated to a healthier and more spiritually developed mankind.

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